Marguerite Pilon



                                                Photos courtesy of Joe Freeman Jr.

And Yet,

Ecological Installation, 2020 ︎︎

“If all humankind were to disappear,
the world would regenerate back to
the rich state of equilibrium that existed
10,000 years ago.” - Edward O. Wilson

This sculptural piece is an ecological installation inspired by the patterns of mushroom mycelium. I brought a network that is normally below our feet into to space that would surround and hang above viewers, creating a sense of oneness and equilibrium with this integral piece of ecosystem.

And Yet, disturbs an anthropogenic space to extend our boundaries of how we relate ourselves to nature.  Titled after a line in the poem “The World of Dew” by Japanese poet Issa, I was inspired by Buddhist concepts of interdependence and co-origination in its creation. I hoped to show the interconnection that is constant in all beings, and to address the human sense of separateness and superiority that we often hold in our interactions with nature.

What will the world look like when the earth grows over everything we have created? Nature rarely disrupts the spaces we exist in; it is a point of discovery, reset, a new beginning. This sculptural network transforms and intricacies emerge as one explores both inside and out. I wanted viewers to feel displaced from the space they had originally entered, to feel overwhelmed in the way space had been manipulated, then humbled, one, and at peace with what they were experiencing.

Confronting and being surrounded by these microorganisms is powerful in connecting to, understanding, and ultimately caring for more delicately.


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