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Mollia Hanging Mobile

Mobile and package design, 202

The Mollia Mobile is a decorative product design that addresses waste and recycling by making an artistic piece for your home using solely repurposed plastic packaging. Only 9% of our plastic gets recycled each year - therefore, the solution to our plastic crisis must center repurposing and reduction. This piece takes trash out of our waste streams and supply chains by not contributing more material and reimagining what already exists.

The mobile takes inspiration from intricate and delicate coral forms, with a goal to make a bright, airy, and playful piece for a home. This piece this handcrafted from plastic waste from food and product packaging. Each mobile in this line reimagines waste into forms that reflect an environmental cause, such as the bleaching of corals or deforestation. The product both reuses waste into something beautiful and then donates back to the cause behind the mobile theme.

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