Marguerite Pilon




willow tea box

package design, 2020 ︎︎

Crafted from handmade recycled paper and vellum panelling, this Oolong Tea box is meant to reflect the intricacies of handpicked and hand rolled, high-mountain tea leaves. The package design is low-impact to pay mind to the nature of the tea’s origins on sustainable and family-run farms. Prolonged research lead me to explore the tradition of tea across cultures and histories for this project, and I got lost in discovering the beauty in both the physical and symbolic processes of making and drinking tea.  The final design focuses on equilibrium, a oneness in state of being, the calm joy of moving in the flow. The illustrative design is reminiscent of patterns in spiraling steam, the veins of tea leaves, and lapping water.

“Chazen Ichimi, tea and  
Zen have the same flavor”



©Marguerite Pilon 2022

Let’s move, let’s flow!